Power Station Volleyball Camps

Exciting Camp Opportunities for 2017!

The Power Station Volleyball Camps offer young athletes the opportunity to learn new skills, practice those skills in live game settings, and advance in overall volleyball playing ability in a fun, supportive learning environment. We will offer  Five BIG WEEKS of high intensity day-camp instruction, drills, and game situation tournaments that encourage athletes to learn while they enjoy the excitement of playing volleyball.

Now celebrating our 29th year, the camp draws athletes from across western New York State, and features well-respected coaches from High School and Collegiate volleyball programs, as well as current Collegiate players and Professional players.

Last year, The Power Station Volleyball Camps had a great time with the youngsters hosting, The Little Spikers! This camp, designed for boys and girls in Grades 3-5, runs  Four Days at the Camp weeks described below, and follows the USA Volleyball program designed for young children.  Let's get our Little Spikers learning volleyball at an early age - and having fun NOW!



MV --> Power Station @ Maryvale High School - June 2017

This was a great camp!  We had 60 campers and had a lot of fun!!!

  • $180     Boys & Girls (Grades 6-12), June 26-29 (8:30 am - 2:30 pm)
  • NOTE:  Daily Lunch Break - Bring your own lunch and refreshments

OP-1 --> Power Station @ Orchard Park Middle School July 2017 

  • $170     Girls Session (Grades 6-12), July 17-20 (8:00 am - 12:00 pm)

The Girl's camp is sold out!  We can not accept any more registrations!

  • $170    Boys Session (Grades 6-12), July 17-20 (12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

We are still accepting resignations for this Boy's Camp

OP-2 --> Power Station @ Orchard Park Middle School July 2017

  • $170     Girls Session (Grades 6-12), July 17-20 (8:00 am - 12:00 pm)
  • $170    Boys Session (Grades 6-12), July 17-20 (12:30 pm - 4:30 pm)
  • Note:  No lunch break at either session

LS-1 --> Little Spikers @ Orchard Park Wesleyan - July 2017

                   This camp is closed

LS-2 --> Little Spikers @ Orchard Park Wesleyan - July 2017

                   This camp is closed

DISCOUNT: 10% Multi Camp / Multi Family Member!


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Camp Director:  Walt Stefani | Phone: (716) 649-7088

E-Mail: WaltStefani@verizon.net